Registration has already opened for IX Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet that gives you 0.3% to 0.6% for HOLDing crypto on balance, depending on the amount of funds.


Profits are ensured by an arbitrary trading robot, whose main function is to deliver profitable arbitrage deals by thoroughly scanning stock exchange data and commencing trades(Buying lower price assets at company's A exchange, then selling assets for higher price at company's B exchange).

One of main IX Arbiter's advantages lies deep within it's core design: our bot is built upon a wide neural network and capable of learning and self-improving. IX TEAM keeps source code encapsulated, thus giving investors ability to earn profits utilizing this technology.

Wallet is developed by a team behind such projects as Stratis ICO, Binance and BNCEX, a team of individuals well experienced to create a real secure Decentralized Bank.

Unique innovation among cryptocurrency wallets. Product allows to earn profits just by HOLDing funds at balance. Simply said, this is a modern secured cryptocurrency savings account with zero commissions on deposits/withdrawals. Wallet features a multi-cluster blockchain system architecture to ensure complete security and transparency of transactions.

Passive income in BTC explained:
0,015 - 0,1 BTC - 0.3% daily, 9% monthly.
0,1 - 0,5 BTC - 0.4% daily, 12% monthly.
0,5 - 1,85 BTC - 0.5% daily, 15% monthly.
1,85 BTC and more - 0.6% daily, 18% monthly.
Also BCC and ETH options for HOLD balance are available.

Fees & Commissions:
Receiving to account balance — 0%
Withdrawal from account balance — 0%
Withdrawal from HOLD balance within 1-15 days since deposit — 10%
Withdrawal from HOLD balance within 16-30 days since deposit — 5%
If your HOLD balance has remained in system for over 30 days — 1% withdrawal fee.

Special Offering:
If your HOLD balance remains on balance untouched for 30 days, you get a monthly accrued bonus of 1%.
If your HOLD balance remains on balance untouched for 60 days, you get a monthly accrued bonus of 2.5%. You’ll be able to acquire bonus on monthly basis( 90, 120, 150… days) if no funds from HOLD balance are withdrawn

In addition to passive income, you can make money off constructing your own
partner network:
100% of accruals from 1st Line partners
10% of accruals from 2nd-10th Line partners
+ additional terms on Lines 11 to Infinite.

For more details on Partners program and RoadMap


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